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St. Louis Trial Attorneys
Growe Eisen Karlen Eilerts
Distinctive Lawyers With A Distinct Purpose

Experience. Knowledge. Talent. Dedication.

Words that describe what clients receive from the lawyers at Growe Eisen Karlen Eilerts. Our lawyers are well known in the St. Louis community for our experience in handling complex civil litigation, including serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, complicated family and divorce law cases and sophisticated business and contract litigation. Whether its ensuring you and your family has been made whole after a traumatic injury or where the future of the family unit is entrusted into our hands we have the tenacity to make sure you, your family and even your business is taken care of.

Our team of lawyers is distinctive because we understand that preparation, discipline and hard work are the key to our successful track record in resolving client cases. In every case we handle, we make sure that we have what is necessary to present the most persuasive case possible. With that commitment, our clients are assured of being placed in the best possible position to win.

Our firm’s focus is exclusively on litigation and trial practice. In every case we handle, our focus is on developing the facts, understanding the law, and partnering with our clients. In business litigation its imperative that we make it our business to understand your business as well as the risk and reward of your case.